About Us

I am Ellen Oliver and this is my story. My family was planning a major home renovation. I began to ponder how I wanted to decorate each room. That is how it all began!!  As I researched lamps and lighting, a passion soon ignited. By the time the remodel began a year or two later, my hoard had blossomed into over a thousand lamps. I see lamps as wonderful opportunities to set the mood, define the style, make dramatic statements, and add art, in lamp form, to a setting.

I am thrilled to offer my collection to the public. I had hoped to sell them eventually, but as a life long home maker I had absolutely no skills to make this happen. Then came the most wonderful opportunity that I could not turn down.

I loved the renovation process. I know it is supposed to be a stressful headache type of experience. I just happened to get a fabulous builder named Michael Jordan. All his workers were polite and did excellent work. Yes, it is inconvenient, etc. I so enjoyed the process. I especially enjoyed the comments on my garage shelved lamps from all the workers! They were so supportive and who doesn't like compliments!!! Then came one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me. Michael offered me space in his new office area to display and sell my lamps. I couldn't say 'yes' fast enough.

With encouragement from my husband, I hired the 'Colonel' to help me get things up and running. Rick Howard is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel from Marietta. My nickname for him quickly became 'Colonel Can Do'!! We have now rewired and refurbished over 600 hundred of the lamps, and had our first show at Scott Antique Market, here in Atlanta, in early 2014. We were wonderfully received and will make it a monthly must do. Mr. Scott has been very encouraging!!! Since beginning at Scott's, we have traveled to Baltimore MD, Roundtop TX, and America'sMart to exhibit my collection.

For the past two years and into the future, you can always find me at Scott Antique Market in Atlanta in the North Building for 10 months of the year.  During the other 2 months, I am at the High Point Market in the ANTIQUE & DESIGN CENTER.